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How one Aha! lead to the reinvention of the carrot industry

Posted by Harry Mills on 14 September 2016

When former Coke executive Jeff Dunn became president of billion-dollar agricultural company Bolthouse Farms in 2008 the carrot market was in a slump. Dun desperately needed to change customers perception of carrots, so he turned to advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B).

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Confirmation bias: Why our brains always convince us that we are right

Posted by Harry Mills on 31 August 2016

Have you ever noticed that when you talked to a committed Republican or Democrat, how equally convinced they are that the evidence or facts on the issue overwhelmingly supports their position?

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The astonishing power of self-persuasion

Posted by on 17 August 2016

Fortunately for sellers and companies, there is a much more powerful way to influence customers than the traditional tell-and-sell. It’s called self-persuasion. Instead of trying to convince a customer why they need to buy, you help customers convince themselves.
For over 60 years social scientists who study influence have been researching the power of self-persuasion.

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The new formula for sales success

Posted by Harry Mills on 3 August 2016

For the first time in the history of selling, buyers hold the trump cards. Google-driven technologies have armed buyers with anytime, anywhere access to the choices and information they need to call the shots.

The century-old tell-and-sell persuasive packages of sales tools and techniques, even when dressed up as consultative selling, no longer work. When buyers hold the power and knowledge they resist attempts at direct persuasion. As a result, sales productivity is plummeting.
A 2014 survey of global sales performance by Accenture concludes: “sales processes and systems are at breaking point…An entirely new approach to sales is needed.”

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Sales productivity is falling

Posted by Harry Mills on 20 July 2016

In a market where buyers call the shots, sales executives everywhere are increasingly struggling to meet their revenue and profitability goals.
“CEO’s are investing more than ever in their salesforces, but results aren’t improving” reports Lynette Ryals, professor of strategic sales and account management at the U.K’s Cranfield School of Management and Iain Davies, a lecturer at the University of Bath.
A Ryals and Davies study of 800 business development managers, account managers, and telesales people from a cross section of U.K. blue chip companies’ published in a 2010, Harvard Business Review paints a bleak picture of selling in a choice saturated, Googledriven world:

Only 9.1% of sales meetings result in a sale.
Just 1 out of 250 salespeople exceed their targets.
$1,760 of profit per sale is needed just to cover the cost of failed sales meetings,
assuming that the meeting cost, on average, $16019.

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Elliot Aronson: The grand master of social psychology

Posted by Harry Mills on 6 July 2016

No social scientist has contributed more to our understanding of self-persuasion than Elliot Aronson. He is listed among the 100 most eminent psychologists of the twentieth century.

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How to get inside your opponent’s head

Posted by Harry Mills on 22 June 2016

To succeed as a negotiator you have to get inside the mind of your opponent.
But the question is; Does success come primarily from understanding the other side’s viewpoint? Or does it come from establishing deep emotional engagement?
In other words, does it pay to get into your opponent’s head or does it pay to get inside their heart?

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From ballpoints to lighters: the power of an Aha! insight

Posted by Harry Mills on 8 June 2016

shutterstock 106006013The power of an insight comes from its remarkable ability to reframe the way we think and motivate us to take action. A business-changing example of the power of a simple insight to multiply value comes from BIC, the famous ballpoint pen makers.

Marcel Bich founded the BIC Corporation following World War II. For nearly thirty years BIC saw itself as a maker of low cost plastic ballpoint pens.

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Buyers now call the shots

Posted by Harry Mills on 1 June 2016

shutterstock 113930143

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The Different and Desirable test

Posted by Harry Mills on 25 May 2016

The second assumption that consultative sellers make is that customers place high value on the differentiated, tailored, product-framed solutions they offer.

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